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Goodbye Tourism Vancouver, Hello Destination Vancouver

The 118-year-old destination marketing organization is rebranding
Destination Vancouver CEO Royce Chwin announced the organization's name change.

The 118-year-old organization that markets Vancouver to tourists, businesses and convention visitors, is rebranding as Destination Vancouver. It was previously known as Tourism Vancouver.

Destination Vancouver CEO Royce Chwin unveiled the organization's new name at its June 24 annual general meeting, held in front of a limited live audience of 50 at BC Place Stadium. The event was also streamed online. 

With the new name comes a new mandate. 

“An expanded focus, which includes destination development in addition to promotion, will enable and support a stronger, more resilient sector, post-pandemic”, said Robyn McVicker, who chairs Destination Vancouver's board.

“The evolution of the organization is designed to better support members and Vancouver communities, and the name is more representative of the many partners working together to strengthen Vancouver’s position globally.”

Destination Vancouver plans to support Vancouver's tourism industry by developing experiences, while also promoting Vancouver in national, U.S., and international markets.

The role of Destination Vancouver will also be to help partners contribute to a common goal of building a more competitive destination, while also managing growth, and being socially responsible. 

“There is no denying that the past 16 months have been exceptionally challenging for our members, and for everyone involved in the visitor economy," said Chwin, who joined the organization during the pandemic.

"The pandemic handed us an opportunity to reflect on our purpose, work and values."

He said that his organization's goal has been to build a stronger, more resilient tourism industry, which represents what he called a "triple bottom line" that takes into account the needs of people and the planet, while still remaining profitable.

"We believe the path that we’re committed to now will ensure we achieve that goal,” he added.

Promoting Vancouver as a destination is set to include gathering and sharing business intelligence; attracting lifestyle, business and major events to the city; and leveraging regional, national and international collaboration to grow awareness and inspire new visitors.

Destination Vancouver is expected to be involved in initiatives that focus on sustainability and resilience, while prioritizing environmental stewardship. Diversity, equity and inclusion are also set to be central tenets.