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Boudreau does 'Bruce, there it is' skit on TSN TradeCentre

The former Canucks head coach poked some fun at himself in his new job at TSN.
Bruce Boudreau pokes fun at his own "Bruce, there it is" chant in skit on TSN TradeCentre.

Bruce Boudreau was not out of work for very long.

Just over a month after he was fired as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, Boudreau is back at work in the hockey world, joining TSN for their NHL trade deadline coverage. Television is a natural fit for the gregarious Boudreau, combining his vast hockey knowledge with a charismatic and loveable personality.

Boudreau's new coworkers at TSN couldn't help but poke a little fun at him, however. They put together a "Bruce, there it is" skit, using the chant as instructions on how to get to his desk, the studio, and his chair. 

It wasn't the only skit they roped Boudreau into doing — understandable, as TSN needed to fill in time with so many trades taking place before the deadline.

The other skit harkened back to Boudreau's days with the Washington Capitals, when he ripped into his team during an intermission with a profanity-laden rant that was captured by HBO's all-access cameras for their series "24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic.”

He swore so much in the speech that Boudreau said his mom chastised him for cussing too much.

The TSN crew had Boudreau deliver a similar speech to the on-air talent, ripping into each of them by name for letting award nominations go to their heads, pretending to make phone calls, and not breaking enough trades. Only, this time the swear words are bleeped.

After it aired, Boudreau and James Duthie clarified that he was mostly saying, "Fricking" during the bleeps. 

But perhaps that's just to keep family members from calling him out for swearing too much.