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Canucks fans react with shock, confusion at (totally made up) Sedin trade [VIDEO]

This is cruel. But I laughed.

The Canucks may be back (sort of), but a lot of fans still aren't. After four years of running this blog, I can safely say that a large segment of Canucks fans -- the ones who care about their mental health, probably -- log off the moment the Canucks play their final game, and wait until the first of October to log back in. 

Which makes them ripe for pranking. They don't know what happened this summer. You could tell them just about anything and they'd believe it. Like, for instance, you could claim the Sedins have been traded for draft picks, and just watch them react with the appropriate shock and horror, all the while quietly laughing to yourself at their gullibility.

Someone did that. And they filmed it. And it's great.

A quick word on pranks like this: this one, from 604 Now, is a good one. That one where people are chased by murder-clowns? Not so into that. Although I do feel for some of these people, too. Hockey news comes fast and furious, and the Benning era has been marked by inexplicable trades. On the right day, I could have fallen for this.

It's still pretty funny, though. The guy in the white, long-sleeved tee reacted pretty much how I would: surprise, confusion, sadness, anger. As I said the other day, it's not a Canucks game without the Sedins. I'm not ready for this. Thank goodness it's fake -- I'm getting worked up just thinking about it.

And finally, kudos to red shirt guy, who has clearly graduated from Internet University, and knows better than to believe anything anymore. I mean, this woman has a microphone. That's usually enough for most people. But not red shirt, that savvy cat. Let's all try to be more like red shirt.

s/t to Reddit Canucks.

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