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Reddit reunited Canuck winger Justin Dowling and his wife with their diaper bag

When a Reddit user posted an iPad lock screen asking if anyone knew the family in the photo, it turned out plenty of people did.
dowling ipad
It's a good thing Justin Dowling and his family had their photo on the lockscreen of their iPad.

When you’re a parent with a small child, a good diaper bag is a necessity. From the essentials for changing on the go to a baby’s favourite soother or toy, that diaper bag is crucial and losing it would be a nightmare.

So, when Reddit user “dashedhopes9942” found a diaper bag in Yaletown, they knew they had to try to find the family it belonged to. The good samaritan turned to their favourite social media to find the owners with just one clue: the lock screen picture on an iPad in the bag.

“We were waiting for this family to leave just outside Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill in Yaletown so we could take their parking spot but as soon as they left and we pulled in we noticed they had left a bag with all their baby stuff in it and an iPad,” said dashedhopes9942 on Reddit.

With nothing else identifiable, they posted a photo of the iPad on the r/Vancouver subreddit. The picture on the lock screen featured a happy family in a snowy location: a baby, mom and dad, and two dogs.

Fortunately, it was a pretty solid clue because the people quickly recognized the dad: it was Vancouver Canucks forward Justin Dowling. 

Sure enough, the photo was of Dowling and his wife, Meg, their daughter Perri, and their two Australian Shepards, Jett and Pearl. Dowling even has a photo of Perri on his Instagram from the same photoshoot.

Fortunately, Meg Dowling was alerted to the post and connected with dashedhopes9942 and will get their diaper bag back.

A Reddit user with the screen name "megwdowling" replied, clearly amazed, "Hello!!!! This is me and my family LOL can you please send me a message and I can get my diaper bag back from you haha! Oh my gosh!!!!!"

The original poster then confirmed in an update that they got into contact with Meg and would be dropping off the bag.

Dowling’s family were the darlings of the 2020 playoff bubble as they were the first family members to clear protocol to get into quarantine in Edmonton. The five-month-old Perri got plenty of attention from NHL players who missed their own families back at home.

When Dowling’s Dallas Stars defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference Final, Perri was even part of the celebration in the Stars’ dressing room, with Dowling’s teammates giving her fist bumps.

“She obviously has no idea what’s going on, but it’s hilarious,” said Meg to the Dallas News. “Justin said she didn’t even cry or look scared.”

Hopefully, Perri will be able to similarly celebrate with the Canucks in the future.