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Stick in Link: Podiatrist talks Higgins injury; Vey gets buff

Plus, Sean McIndoe is a big dumb dummy who knows nothing
Stick in Link
Stick in Link

It’s time for “Stick in Link”, the feature where we just plug in a bunch of stuff written by others! Featuring a smattering of links from around the Smylosphere and beyond every Tuesday and Thursday. Warning: our links are so hyper, they change colour when exposed to heat. (Have something for us to share in the next edition? E-mail us at or tweet us @passittobulis. Or tell us some other way. The point is: we'll probably link it if we know about it.)


• Want a more thorough diagnosis of Chris Higgins than just "he'll miss three weeks"? This podiatric physician and surgeon's got your back. Or foot. Whatever. Anyway, here's a sampling of his medical expertise: “He probably has a non-displaced fracture into the bone,” said Dr. Goldbaum. “At three weeks, they’ll X-ray it to make sure there’s bone granulation, which is the formation of the bone callus that acts bridge of woven bone between the fracture fragments.” [Delray Beach Podiatry]

• It's fantasy hockey time, and here's a surefire way to lose your pool: pick a bunch of Canucks, because you like the Canucks. But if you're absolutely determined to load up on the blue and green, here are five safe picks from Vancouver's roster. [Canucks Army]

• Linden Vey on adding some size in the hopes of being more effective as a centre in the tough West: “I think I reported at 187 (pounds) last year,” Vey said. “I am now about 200. A long summer was the best thing for me because last year I lacked some of the physical strength to play in the league and play my type of game. “This is the first summer in four years where I have had four months to get ready. I spent a lot of time with Eric and Roger here in Vancouver. I put on a lot of muscle and I think it has helped me be able to play my game more, where I can hang onto pucks and hold off defenders.” [Vancouver Sun]

• Sean McIndoe thinks only two teams are less likely to win the Stanley Cup before 2020 than the Canucks. But he's a humour blogger, and humour bloggers don't know anything. [Grantland

• Today Daniel asked an unnerving question: are we emotionally prepared for Bo Horvat to have a sophomore slump? But fret not. Horvat says it's not happening, so that solves that! [The Province]

• Willie Desjardins on Brendan Gaunce's improvement: “I think he took a different approach in how hard he had to work. He’s a good skater, real smart and a good person, so he had a lot, and other parts of his game, too. He seems like a more complete player and better than he was last year.” [The Province]

• Ronalds Kenins's brief audition with the Sedins appears to be over. Next up: Alex Grenier. [HockeyBuzz]

• What will happen for the Canucks in goal this season? I think we all know. Ryan Miller will be okay, but not great. Jacob Markstrom will have a good game. Everybody will demand he start all the games. We'll write about it, because everyone is talking about it, and then someone will accuse of us manufacturing a goaltending controversy, even though we're mostly just linking to other people talking about it. [The Hockey Writers]

• Ben Hutton on the experience of playing at Rogers Arena: “I was looking up at the stands thinking, ‘I’m used to playing NHL ’15 or ’16 in here, not actually (being) on the ice.'" [24 Hours]

• A closer look at Luca Sbisa, in whom everybody believes. [Vancity Buzz]

• If you wanted to meet, like, all the Canucks, you should have headed downtown on Raise a Reader day, apparently. [Nuck Said]

• Finally, if those pictures weren't enough Raise a Reader day coverage for you, the Canucks put together a video.