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The NHL’s Department of Player Safety rules on Kodak Black incident [PARODY]

Was this a clear-cut case of hitting from behind?
NHL Kodak Black tweet
The NHL deleted their tweet about Kodak Black at the game between the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks after a raunchy video was posted on social media.

On Saturday night in Florida, during a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Florida Panthers, Florida rapper Kodak Black appeared to hit Atlanta rapper Vvsnce from behind at FLA Live Arena.

As the video shows, Kodak was initially sitting in a front-row seat with Vvsnce on what Vvsnce called their “second date.” The NHL tweeted out a picture of Kodak, eager to celebrate any celebrity attending a hockey game, most notably a rapper. 

During the incident in question, however, Kodak and Vvsnce were instead in a luxury suite alongside Florida Panthers’ executives in a neighbouring suite. Kodak delivered a forceful pelvic thrust from behind, making the backside the main point of contact. This is NOT a hockey play.

While we acknowledge that Vvsnce put herself in a vulnerable position, hitting from behind was avoidable.

The call on Hockey Twitter was that this was extremely funny and that the two of them were very clearly bumping uglies. 

Upon further review, however, while Vvsnce was indeed backing that thang up both she and Kodak remained fully clothed. In the opinion of the department of player safety, while perhaps not family-friendly, Kodak and Vvsnce were dancing. While their dance may have simulated the act of coitus, the puck never fully crossed the line. 

As the screenshot shows, the NHL deleted their tweet celebrating Kodak Black attending the Florida Panthers game in an attempt to distance themselves from the rapper as if they were ever particularly close to begin with. The NHL’s social team made clear and direct contact with the delete button when they had the time and space to deliver a funnier and more interesting follow-up tweet.

This is NOT growing the game.

To summarize:

  • This was not a sexual act: Kodak Black and his new girlfriend were dancing, albeit in a provocative way.
  • This was a missed opportunity: The NHL did not need to delete their Kodak Black tweet.
  • First-time offender: The NHL’s Twitter account has never been suspended in their 13-year Twitter career.

The department of player safety has suspended the NHL’s social team for three games.