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The Pass it to Bulis Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4

Artificial Intelligence and the Crap Mantle
Ex Machina
Ex Machina


The Canucks just lost to the Maple Leafs, which means we should probably panic, right? Maybe. The bigger issue is that the Canucks still have the Crap Mantle, the imaginary anti-trophy that can only be inherited by losing to the team that currently possesses it. It's a big deal. The biggest deal.

Daniel and Harrison also talk about Hunter Shinkaruk, Sven Baertschi, and the plethora of left wingers the Canucks currently have, touch briefly on Dale Weise and the Montreal Canadiens, and have discussion about the possibility of artificial intelligence sparked by the movie Ex Machina.


Sidenote: you might have noticed that the podcast is now hosted on Soundcloud. This means, unfortunately, that if you subscribed to our Libsyn RSS feed, you'll have to resubscribe. We apologize, but Soundcloud offered features that Libsyn didn't have and has a much more attractive player to drop into our blog posts. We will be getting the podcast up onto iTunes soon and hopefully we won't have any more hiccups or oddities with the podcast from here on out.

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