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'Nightmare fuel': Vancouver hockey fans shred cross border rival's new mascot

"I can honestly say I will not be sleeping well for a very long time."
Vancouver Canucks fans react to NHL rivals the Seattle Kraken's brand-new mascot, a troll-like character named Buoy.

The Seattle Kraken introduced a new mascot to its hockey franchise this week and Metro Vancouverites are ripping the concept to shreds.

On Tuesday (Oct. 4), the Seattle Kraken unveiled "Buoy," a towering, blue-haired troll with some goofy features. The team introduced Buoy in a video.

At the beginning of the video, the Seattle team tosses around ideas for the future mascot. One person suggests that the team uses the Seattle SuperSonics mascot, which was the city's former National Basketball Association team. It was a hugely popular sasquatch named Squatch, but the group promptly dismisses the idea as they are holding out hope that the Sonics will return. 

After this, they get some advice from various athletes. Jeeday Dallas, the running back for the Seattle Seahawks, suggests using the actual Kraken, but the kids reply that it is "way too big" and no one has ever seen it.

Next, an octopus at the Seattle Aquarium playfully quips, "Me? I don't ink so!" adding that the Detroit Red Wings mascot is already an Octopus named Al. 

Finally, the kids, who are filmed sitting on the city's massive and beloved Fremont Troll, realize a troll would be the best representative for the team. Buoy energetically descends from the rafters, kicking out its legs and waving around all the way down to the ice. 

Vancouver hockey fans react to troll fail

Scores of locals have commented that the mascot should be a Kraken and not a troll. While the introductory video provides an explanation as to why the team didn't go with the mysterious Kraken, many people feel highly disappointed by the decision.

A few fans even shared ideas for how they thought the Seattle team would depict the Kraken. 

Some people aren't wondering why the mascot is a troll. Instead, they are simply remarking that it is among the worst mascots in the league. 

Other people have expressed some mix of terror and disgust for the blue character. 

One local man went after the name "Buoy," remarking that the team named the mascot after the "nautical equivalent of a pylon." Oh, snap!

Finally, when it comes to having no mascot or Buoy the troll, one Vancouverite says nothing could be worse than the blue troll.

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