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Watch: Bruce Boudreau gets surprised by Kevin Owens at the NHL draft

The Canucks' head coach quickly turned into a giddy fanboy when face-to-face with his favourite wrestler.
Boudreau and Owens
Vancouver Canucks coach Bruce Boudreau meets WWE wrestler Kevin Owens at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft in Montreal

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of professional wrestling than Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau.

The NHL Networks' Jackie Redmond is well aware of Boudreau’s love for the squared circle, with the two of them frequently talking just as much about wrestling as they do about hockey during interviews. With the 2022 NHL Entry Draft in Montreal, Redmond took the opportunity to set up a meet cute.

See, Boudreau’s favourite current wrestler is Kevin “KO” Owens. Owens grew up not far from Montreal and is a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens. Accordingly, he was at the draft, eagerly watching to see who the Canadiens would pick. He took a break from watching the draft, however, to meet one of his biggest fans. 

Boudreau’s pure giddiness at meeting Owens was evident, as he blurted out, “Oh my god!” as soon as he registered who was walking up to him.

Owens is currently out with an injury, so Boudreau was quick to ask, “When are you coming back?” He even offered to be “Lou Albano,” a famed wrestling manager, for Owens to try to get him a title shot, with Owens quickly responding, “You’re hired!”

Boudreau also pumped Owens’ tires about his recent match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, saying that Austin only won because the match was in Texas.

“I let him win,” joked Owens. “I’m a kind soul.”

It was a delightful conversation as the mutual admiration continued.

“Nobody talks better than him,” said Boudreau. “He’s the most entertaining guy on television.”

“I’d say you’re the most entertaining coach in the NHL,” responded Owens.

Regrettably, Owens couldn’t demonstrate his finishing move on Boudreau.

“I’m not currently medically cleared for competition,” said Owens.

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