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Watch: 'I Will Remember Lu' - A song parody tribute to Roberto Luongo

A parody of "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan.
Roberto Luongo holds up his Olympic gold medal while reciting poetry.

Roberto Luongo is heading into the Hockey Hall of Fame today.

It's the type of event that requires something special — something musical.

It's an event that requires a patented PITB song parody.

Vancouver Canucks fans have a lot of fond memories of Luongo and this song touches on a few key moments in his career. Here are the lyrics for the song.

I Will Remember Lu

I will remember Lu
And his glove save robberies
Made Hughson lose his freaking mind
I can still hear it in my memories

Remember the good times that we had?
We let them slip away from us when things got bad
It was a goalie graveyard before you came along
Then you showed up and suddenly, we had a number one

I will remember Lu
And his toilet emergency
IBS can be triggered by stress
Maybe from carrying the entire team 

You pumped Tim’s tires but your honesty
Had the media treating you so unfairly
It’s funny how we didn’t know how funny that you were
Until we realized you were strombone1 on Twitter

I will remember Lu (bingo-bango-bongo)
And his clutch save on Sharp in OT (bingo-bango-bongo)
Wouldn’t let the puck pass him by (bingo-bango-bongo)
Made slaying the dragon a possibility

Remember back in 2010, when you refused to lose
It was either you or Brodeur, you made it so easy to choose
Robberies on Demitra and Pavelski as well
Gave Canada everything you had
Oh you gave them gold 

I will remember Lu (bingo-bango-bongo)
Even though he’s in Miami (bingo-bango-bongo)
Traded Vancouver rain for Florida sun (bingo-bango-bongo)
But he’ll always be a Canuck to me

And I will remember Lu (bingo-bango-bongo)
The greatest Canucks goalie (bingo-bango-bongo)
In the Hall of Fame with the Sedins (bingo-bango-bongo)
Weep not for the memories

Weep not for the memories

Canucks fans remember their favourite Luongo moments

I put out the call to Canucks fans on Twitter for their favourite Luongo moments and they responded in droves.

"Losing the Sedin Twins"

Daniel and Henrik Sedin are, of course, also entering the Hockey Hall of Fame. I previously did a song parody for the Sedins when they retired — a parody of REM's "Losing My Religion."