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Vancouver director releases hilarious "Stay in your f**king house!" public service announcement video

It's a take on a classic Canadian PSA

Award-winning Vancouver director Jeremy Brown has a message he wants to get out there: "Stay in your f**king house!"

He's released a Public Service Announcement on YouTube which is a humourous take on a Canadian classic from the now-defunct Concerned Children's Advertisers.

The puppets in the original delivered a message about not putting things in your mouth - specifically medicine, "bad food", or "some posion" - because it would make you sick.

In and email, Jeremy tells us that "I decided to dust it off and give it a new message."

In his version, the puppets are telling you to wash your hands, don't "turn your stupid face", and "stay in your f**king house" because you might get sick, or make others sick.

With COVID-19, of course.

The director says he's "been frustrated by people not taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously and wanted to make something to help spread the word. I was trying to think of something I could do quickly and without having to go out and film something. I remembered 'Don’t you put it your mouth,' figured it sounded close enough to 'Don’t you ever leave the house' and just went from there." 

Brown and his friend Jess Rivers wrote the lyrics and did the voicework for it, collaborating from their homes over FaceTime and recording their individual parts on their phones. Shawn Penner created the music track for it.

It's awesome. Watch below, and please help spread the word.