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These are the most common 'exposure settings' for COVID-19 spread in B.C.

New figures show two top locations for coronavirus transmission in B.C. with one key exception when age is considered in those infected
There are just a few settings where most B.C. residents who have acquired COVID-19, are transmitted the disease, according to BCCDC data. Photo: Getty Images

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control has provided a clear picture of which settings COVID-19 is most commonly being spread.

Data collected from Sept. 13 to Oct. 28 shows households as the most common setting for exposure to the virus to occur – no matter a person's age.

In British Columbia, workplaces prove the second most common location of coronavirus transmission, according to modelling released Nov. 12.

The exception, when it comes to age, is people older than 80 years old – they are most likely to get infected with COVID-19 in a healthcare setting.

ExposureSettingsBCCDCA BCCDC graph released Nov. 12 shows in which settings COVID-19 is most commonly transmitted, and by what age groups.

Time spent inside with others poses a risk

In a news briefing Tuesday provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said, “when we spend time inside with people from outside of our household, our workgroup or school cohort, the risks increase for everyone.”

Henry added that problems have also arisen from people gathering before or after organized sports leagues or gym and fitness classes.

The doctor has restricted all social gatherings, other than for people who live within the same household.

“Instead, let’s stay connected virtually and make it a safer winter for all of us,” she urged following the announcement of 717 new coronavirus cases and 11 related deaths in B.C.

In the wake of record-setting new daily COVID-19 cases, health officials also issued a number of infographics that show how quickly the virus spreads.