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BC Distilled highlights best local spirits

The festival will host over 17 distilleries from BC and the Yukon
Charles Tremwen
Long Table Distillery owner Charles Tremewen says operating his own distillery allows him to be creative and work with great local businesses.

Following the cue of the burgeoning craft beer scene, a handful of microdistilleries have popped up in Vancouver in the past year, offering mouthwatering spirits with flavours like black current, licorice, juniper, or crisp cucumber. The locally-sourced and independently-operated businesses are rapidly gaining attention for the superior product they produce, as well as the fun and jovial atmosphere they provide.

There are now more than a dozen microdistilleries in BC, with six of the 17 microdistilleries featured at the upcoming BC Distilled festival based in Vancouver.

Alex Hamer, the founder of BC Distilled, said he started the festival because it’s something he himself would love to attend: A place to go and indulge in an evening liqueur or try a new crisp and light vodka.
The festival will provide a chance for people to try new local spirits, evening liqueurs and crisp concoctions. Encouraging people to buy local, Hamer says the festival will give people a chance to see what is available close to home.

“I’m a huge supporter of local anything... and I think a lot of people don’t realize what’s available locally,” said Hamer. “The consumers are there, we just need to build awareness.”

Using BC grown grains, botanicals and other trade ingredients, microdistilleries boast unique flavours in their spirits. Most ingredients come from the province, and most product is sold here, too.
“It’s the first opportunity for people who want to understand what’s available in BC, and I think people will be surprised at not only the variety, but the quality of the products,” Hamer says.

Long Table Distillery opened last year as a brand new business on Hornby Street, and is a trendsetter in distillery culture in Vancouver. Long Table will be at the festival as Vancouver’s first microdistillery. They primarily distill vodka and gin, with other specialty products on their menu. 

BC Distilled will be hosting the event Saturday, May 10,  6pm-9pm at CBC Studios on Hamilton Street. Visit for tickets or more information.