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FOODIE Q&A: Trevor Kallies

You are... Trevor Kallies, bar and beverage director, Granville Room (957 Granville, 604-633-0056, DonnellyGroup.

You are... Trevor Kallies, bar and beverage director, Granville Room (957 Granville, 604-633-0056,

Describe the theme of the Granville Room: Cocktail-wise, The Granville Room is spirit forward and we put a lot of effort into the classics a lot of whiskey and gin. Favourites right now are the Vieux Carré: rye, cognac, Benedictine and sweet vermouth, Peychauds bitters, angostura bitters; and Aviation: gin, Maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, lemon juice. For food, the Granville Room Chef Kyle Agrios does an amazing job putting his own personal style onto a west coast menu. His beef tenderloin dish will blow you away.

We might also find you drinking/dining out at... my favourite meal this year was at Two Chefs & a Table. Two Chefs never disappoints. Sadly, I didnt feel like eating for a few days following. Too full. I love the Alibi Room for craft beer, and there are a handful of cocktail bars I cant stay away from: Market, LAbattoir, the Keefer bar Pourhouse.

Your dream dinner date (spouses and family dont count): Id love to get a roundtable with the cast of Community. That show is hilarious, and if Twitter has told me anything they like good food and drinks.

Last nights dinner: We were tapping a cask of R&B at The New Oxford, so I took advantage of their weekly Sunday roast with my girlfriend.

If you had a date with the electric chair, your last meal order would be... there was this pizza place in Bellingham wed always go to as kids. The name changed a few times (Shakeys, Munchies, Smileys) but the pizza was ridiculous. I was a ham-and-pineapple kid, but my dad used to order one with salami, onions, olives and extra cheese. Id order that for sure. Last Drink: A glass of Rittenhouse Rye with a bottle of Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball (ale).

Youd gag if you ate... I am pretty open-minded when it comes to food. Ill try anything once, but I might be one of the few Vancouverites who never eats dim sum. I just dont crave it.

Youd be happiest at Happy Hour with... Vancouver bartenders. In any bar, in any city.

Secret treats: Five-cent candies from the corner store. Not the marshmallow strawberry ones, the feet. Always the feet.

Youd take a long flight in economy class for that one meal in... I would sit on a crowded airplane surrounded by foul-smelling people and crying babies for lunch at Miss Mary Bobos in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Southern-style cooking: heavy, rich, bottomless plates. Those ladies can really cook!

Culinary confession: I have ordered a China white for myself in a bar from a bartender. Dont hate me.

Menu suggestion for a hassle-free, sit-down dinner party for six:

Punch and a case of IPA (India Pale Ale) to start leaves me free to finish everything. Family-style sides: Corn on the cob, biscuits, potato salad and BBQ anything. Mint Juleps for dinner and Old Fashioned cocktails for dessert.

Five must-have ingredients in your kitchen: Rye, Absinthe, Bitters, lemon and ice.

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