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Social app aims to help moms feel less isolated

Cross between Tinder and Facebook connects moms with community

The Mom-Mobile has landed in Vancouver.

The 35-foot pink RV is going coast-to-coast to raise awareness about the potential loneliness of motherhood.

Audrey Poulin and her family have made their way across the country, starting in Halifax, to promote — a free app designed as a social network specifically for moms. The RV made a promotional stop at Kits Beach Monday afternoon. Described as a blend of Facebook and Tinder, the app aims to help moms find other mothers that live nearby and have children the same age. It also includes a feed of mom-related content — from healthy make-ahead breakfasts to ways to help an early riser sleep longer and activities to keep your toddler busy.

Moms are using the app to organize events and meet ups in their communities, according to Poulin, who said the idea for the app started when she was on maternity leave after the birth of her first child six years ago.

“I needed to connect with other moms,” she said. “I was feeling a little lonely.”

Poulin adds that she found it hard to connect with other moms at the park or baby groups.

She is not alone. While there are more ways than ever to connect online, many moms are left feeling alone and isolated. Poulin, who hails from Shefford, Quebec, said that 80 per cent of millennial moms say they suffer, or have suffered, from mom loneliness.

“I know — it’s hard to believe since everybody seems to have the perfect life on Facebook, but just Google it — you will see that the phenomenon is well documented.”

Poulin said that she has heard from many moms who are tired of Facebook and the arguing and trolling that can erupt over any topic of conversation. Users are verified by phone number when signing up for a account.

Development on the app started 15 months ago and was officially launched five weeks ago.

“We have had more than 10,000 downloads so far,” said Poulin.