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Vancouver to get world’s first smoothie vending machine (VIDEO)

Plant-based, self-cleaning and zero human interaction required
smoothie machine
Ordering from The Smoothie Machine. Photo courtesy The Smoothie Machine

Who needs humans anymore? Vancouver is getting the world's first automatic smoothie-making vending machine, and it's basically like having a robot make you your drink.

The Smoothie Machine is a fully-automated unit that blends up made-to-order plant-based smoothies, each containing two to three servings of fruit, 200 calories and no added sugar or other additives. The beverages are blended from scratch using fruit, ice, water and a touch of stevia — and they are even pasteurized. Flavours include options like Mango Tango, Passion Peach, Pineapple Glory, Cool Banana and Tropical Berry.

Brought to Vancouver by Trendy Vending, the machine takes cash or credit, is fully refrigerated and is self-cleaning. The packaging is compostable and recyclable, though Trendy Vending says they hope to soon be able to have customers use their own cups. 

smoothie machine
Photo courtesy The Smoothie Machine

Each 16-ounce serving is priced at $6.

The first Smoothie Machine will be installed as a pop-up at Parker Street Studios (1000 Parker St.), launching Feb. 25.

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