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23-year-old Burnaby woman dies after being swept away in Garibaldi park creek

Woman was hiking in provincial park with friend, went into creek to cool down

A woman is dead after she was swept away by fast-moving water in Rubble Creek in Garibaldi Lake Provincial Park on Sunday.

RCMP say A 27-year-old man from Surrey and a 23-year-old woman from Burnaby were hiking in the area and decided to cool down in Rubble Creek when the incident occurred.

“The man was able to get himself safely to shore with minor injuries, but unfortunately the woman was carried away in the extreme current,” said Cpl. Sascha Banks in a news release.


John Howe, acting manager of Squamish Search and Rescue, told The Chief rescuers managed to spot the woman’s body with an aerial search later in the day.

He added that Rubble Creek can be a dangerous area.

“Rubble creek is not an appropriate place to go swimming,” he said. “That’s not a safe area. I think that needs to be stressed.”

RCMP say the woman was found about 800 metres downstream from where she fell in.

"Squamish RCMP as well as the Search and Rescue teams from the Squamish area have seen far too many tragic incidents over the past few months" said Banks. "We want people to come and see our beautiful area and explore but you need to be aware to be prepared, to be educated, to be safe, and to understand the fast moving waters in this region. Be knowledgeable about undercurrents, rocks, snow and glacier fed waters, and if you don't know... ask those who do."

The last few months have seen a number of accidents in the Squamish area. Among the most high profile was the death of three travel bloggers at Shannon Falls. A man also went missing on Mother's Day after being swept into the Squamish-Ashlu River area.

The BC Coroners Service has taken over the investigation. The woman’s name hasn’t been released.