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Courier's blob video goes viral thanks to National Geographic, British tabloids

International media intrigued by 'mysterious' bryozoans discovered under the surface of Lost Lagoon

The "mysterious" blob of Lost Lagoon hasn't just captured the imagination of Vancouver Courier readers.

The newspaper's video and story have been picked up by National Geographic.

"Mysterious, brain-like blob found in lagoon," says the headline of the magazine's online story.

Daily Mail

When London's Daily Mail picked up the story, its headline was (not surprisingly) a bit more sensational: "Mystery of the slimy brain-like 'alien blobs' found in a Canadian lagoon that appear to be spreading."

Not be outdone in monster hyperbole, the Sun's headline screams "Terrifying blob creature that looks like a BRAIN discovered in spooky lake called 'The Lost Lagoon."

If that didn't scare you enough, the British tabloid's subhead reads, "Video shows hideously ugly organism jiggling and pulsating as it's dragged from the water."

Thanks to Popular Science, we're now able to add the term "dragon booger" to our vocabulary (as well as an understanding of how an organism eats and defecates out of the same opening.) The article goes into a lot more depth — including the graphic bits — of a bryozoan's scientific mysteries.

For its part, Maclean's also had fun with the bryozoans that were discovered in a filtration pond in Stanley Park: "Behold, the blob of Vancouver's Lost Lagoon."

The media attention highlights the work done by the Stanley Park Ecology Society in identifying the park's wildlife and sharing that knowledge with us. It also means that as of Sunday night, 462,000 YouTube watchers have been introduced to The Blob of Lost Lagoon.

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