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Five reasons why the Canucks will beat the Canadiens

The Canucks' first homestand of the season has been a disaster. All four games thus far have been losses. They've lost each of these by one goal.
Canucks Canadiens

The Canucks' first homestand of the season has been a disaster. All four games thus far have been losses. They've lost each of these by one goal. To make it even more frustrating, they've been tied or leading going into the third period in the last three, so these have all had the look of winnable games. They're just not winning them.

The next game, however, looks a little less winnable. On Tuesday night, the Canucks close out the homestand by playing host to the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs look like the team to beat this season, mainly because nobody's done it yet -- they're 9-0 to open the season. Considering Vancouver's early struggles and Montreal's notable lack thereof, you'd be a fool to bet on the Canucks.

Well then. Call me a fool. The Canucks have this one in the bag. Here are five reasons why I'm picking the Canucks.

They're totally due.

Vancouver remains winless in Vancouver, with only one more contest before they have to get on a plane. After five consecutive home losses, you'd have to think they're due for a win. Heck, losing five in a row in this league is almost as difficult as winning five in a row. If they can't win one by accident, like the Red Wings did Saturday night in Vancouver, then this isn't the same game I've been watching my whole life.

They're also due a little bit of luck against the Canadiens. Remember this?

The hockey gods owe us for that crap. And the Canadiens are due for a dumb loss, by way of an own-goal of their own, or a blown call, or some other completely stupid bit of misfortune. The Canucks will probably just be there when it happens.

Ryan Miller's got extra motivation.

The last team to go 10-0 to open a campaign? The 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres, backstopped by one Ryan Miller, now a Vancouver Canuck. He'll be starting this game, and do you honestly think he's going to let the Habs match his record? No sir. It's like how the 1972 Miami Dolphins actively root against any NFL team that threatens to run the table.

Miller's been good this season, but you can expect him to be extra good, since he's not just defending the crease -- he's defending his own legacy. 

Yannick Weber's got inside information.

Meanwhile, in the other crease, Carey Price is amazing, and he's been nigh unbeatable this season. He's rocking a 1.29 GAA and a .961 save percentage. But there has to be a way past this guy, and if anyone's gonna figure it out, it's Yannick Weber, who's in a relationship with Price's sister. If there's a secret to Price's great strength, Weber is bound sniff it out. He's trying to get on the coach's good side; solving Carey Price is the best way. 

Do you have to bind Price with fresh bowstrings or new ropes? What if his locks are woven together? Or maybe you just have to cut his fabulous hair. If Price shows up Tuesday and he's shorn and ineffective, we'll know he's been successfully Delilah'd. Godspeed, Weber.

The Canucks never do what they're supposed to do.

We've been watching this team for years. Long enough for them to become predictable. But they haven't. Up two goals on the crappy, new-look Detroit Red Wings? That's a loss. Obviously. Winless at home, facing a team that's outscored its opponents 25-13 on the way to a nine-game unbeaten streak, one shy of matching the best start in NHL history? Canucks win. 

The Canucks exist for little reason other than to confuse us. A victory here is almost guaranteed. Why is why I'm guaranteeing it.

I'll look like a genius if I'm right. 

Oh, you thought I would provide further evidence for my theory? There is none.

I simply feel this in my gut, like when I accidentally ingest dairy products. Sure, I'll look silly if I get this wrong, but I'm willing to take that risk, because it's a 50/50 shot, and I will look like a friggin' genius if I correctly predict the upset here. I'm gonna brag about it for days.