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Grouse Grind opens tomorrow for the 2019 hiking season

Calling all hiking enthusiasts!
Grouse Grind
Grouse Grind is open for the season!

Calling all hiking enthusiasts!

Grouse Mountain has announced that the beloved Grouse Grind, otherwise known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,” will open on Friday, May 3 for the 2019 season.

Metro Vancouver has completed seasonal maintenance work on the famous 2.9-kilometre trail in Grouse Mountain Regional Park, including rock scaling, danger tree removal and general repairs.

"Thanks to the hard work of our regional park crews and the great weather we’ve been having, we are able to open the Grouse Grind Trail earlier than expected this year,” said John McEwen, Chair of Metro Vancouver's Regional Parks Committee.

"Everyone who’s anxious to hit the Grind and enjoy the park’s breathtaking views can now do so, but be mindful that it’s a strenuous hike. Be sure you’re in good shape and be prepared with lots of water and good hiking shoes.”

The mountain tweeted about the trail opening on Thursday, May 2, remarking that, “It’s time!!” and hastagging, “#grindseason.”

The trail offers an intense, upward climb up the mountainside with a staggering elevation gain of 2,800 feet. It takes the average hiker an hour and a half to complete the trail, and there are 2,830 stairs on it.

Hikers range in age from seven to 90, and over 150,000 people visit the trail annually.

The Grouse Grind opens at 6:15 a.m. on Friday, May 3 and stays open until 6:30 p.m. Grouse Mountain notes, however, that the Altitudes Bistro & The Observatory will be closed on May 3 beginning at 3pm. Lupins Café and the Grouse Grind Coffee Bar will remain open.

Grouse Mountain also stated that the Mountain Ropes Adventure is slated to open on Friday, May 10.

Be sure to check current weather, terrain, and wildlife conditions prior to embarking on a hike. In addition, make sure that you know your physical limitations, tell someone where you are going, bring enough food and water, wear appropriate clothing, and never hike alone. Don’t attempt dangerous poses for photographs.

Visit Vancouver Trails online for a detailed list of safety tips and things to consider before your next hike.