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Guitarist plays 124 hours over six days, breaking world record

Spirit Cool raises $10,000 for cancer in memory of his parents
Spirit, in an interview posted to the River Rock Casino's Facebook page.

Guitarist Spirit Cool didn’t just beat a Guinness World Record for marathon guitar playing on Saturday at Richmond’s River Rock Casino, he also raised $10,000 for charity in the process.

Spirit picked up his guitar on Monday, May 7 and finished playing on May 12 for a total of 124.5 hours of playing. The previous world record had been 114, held by David Browne from Ireland.

Dedicating the challenge to his parents who both died of cancer, Spirit raised over $10,000 in doantions at the Canadian Cancer Society. Of that, $6,000 came from the River Rock Casino who donated $1,000 for every day that he played.

Now, footage and details of Spirit’s marathon playing will be reviewed Guinness World authorities who will confirm if he met the requirements necessary to hold the official world record.

According to Spirit, the rules set out by the Guinness World Records stated that he could take a five minute break for every hour of playing that he completed. He was able to bank those minutes, meaning he could take a two hour break for every 24 hours that he played.

Spirit’s fundraiser is still active on the Canadian Cancer Society’s page which has more information for those interested in donating.

Here's a clip of Spirit playing: