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Here is how to get a partial refund on your March compass card

TransLink will offer partial refunds due to the COVID-19 pandemic
compass card
TransLink is offering customers partial refunds on compass card monthly passes. File photo Dan Toulgoet

TransLink is issuing partial refunds to customers who purchased monthly passes and aren't using them due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transportation agency confirmed in an email that customers will be able to get a partial refund on their monthly Compass Card pass for March. However, they'll have to put forward a request in order to receive the refund.

"To calculate any refund amount, TransLink adds what a customer has already spent on single trips for the month and deducts that amount from the price paid for the monthly pass," writes Dan Mountain, TransLink spokesperson.

"That difference is what the customer can receive as a refund."

Mountain added that the monthly pass price is already set at a discounted rate, so this may not be a considerable amount for many customers.

To find out how you can receive a refund, visit TransLink's compass card section online.

To support social distancing, the Compass Customer Service Centres are closed until further notice. For information, customers can still call the Compass Customer Service line available with modified hours.

To avoid being charged for next month’s pass, the "auto load" setting had to be cancelled prior to March 25.

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