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Here's 10 bizarre things you can buy on Craigslist Vancouver right now

Feel like shopping?
African Spear and Shield
African Spear and Shield.

There’s never a shortage of crazy things on Craigslist Vancouver, and right now is no exception to the strangeness.

Have a look at some of the eccentric Lower Mainland offerings currently for sale.

Craigslist Vancouver Picks...

African Spear and Shield

Have your very own African spear and shield for the low price of $150 – just call Rick!

Pom Poms Galore

Are you thinking of forming an enthusiastic cheer squad to follow you around town? This entire set of 11 metallic pom poms with handles can be yours for $30. There are five silver, four pink and two blue ones that will set your cheers on fire.

Pom poms
Need some cheer in your life? - Craigslist

Used Underwear

Yes – you can buy used underwear on Craigslist. Of course, that might seem totally gross to some people, but this poster is hoping to get a whopping $1234 for it. They also note that their ‘product’ is “Made to order” and that, “Photos and videos can be included.”

Creepy Gene Simmons Hat

This snap-back cap is bright orange with a pastel and rose embroidered money bag on it, and it can be yours for $30. Also, the tag on the bag notes that this Gene Simmons special, “Keeps the sun far away and the girlies nice and close.” The poster adds that these hats are, “nearly impossible to find now.”

Gene Simmons hat
Need a new hat? - Craigslist

Easter Showstopper

Described as an elegant showpiece, this chalkware bunny stands 11.5″ tall and is being sold for $25. His seller describes how he (it's a male apparently), exudes an “old world charm” and could be dressed up with a variety of colourful ribbons to suit any occasion.

This bunny statue is for sale for $25. - Craigslist

Painted Glass Ball

This “reverse painted glass ball” has an Asian dragon motif on the inside. According to the post, it measures about 6″ high and will cost you $52.

Glass ball
If you want to see your future... - Craigslist

Vintage Brass Boots

These vintage brass boots are selling for $55 each in the Lower Mainland. The sellar notes that they are from the $1950s. Note: these boots are not made for walkin’.

Gold boots
These boots were not made for walking... - Craigslist

Doll Collection

An assortment of dolls is selling for $30 in Mount Pleasant area. Of course, there’s nothing really wrong with any of these dolls, but sometimes dolls in general are creepy (thanks, Chucky).

Doll collection
If you like dolls. - Craigslist

Autographed Christina Aguilera CD

If you’ve been aching for an autographed Christina Aguilera CD all of these years, this poster claims to have an authentic copy for sale for $50. With that in mind, they add how, “There’s some residue on front of CD cover (may be able to be removed)” – gross.

Christina Aguilera CD
For the die-hard Christina fans... - Craigslist

Pink Whimsical Elephant

This elephant painting is pretty crazy looking, but it is also very beautiful. Both vibrant and fascinating, the seller notes that the usual market price is $5,200, but that they are parting ways with the hand-painted piece for only $500 – the cost of supplies.

Elephant painting
Need a new art piece in the living room? - Craigslist