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Lululemon founder Chip Wilson has the most expensive property in B.C. — again

B.C. Assessment Authority stats suggest nine of the 10 most expensive properties in B.C. are on Vancouver’s West Side

As was the case last year, nine of the 10 priciest properties in the province are all on Vancouver’s West Side.

The top three rankings provincially also remain unchanged: Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s property at 3085 Point Grey Rd. is again at the top, with an assessed value of $78.8 million. The property’s 2017 assessment was $75.8 million.

The property listed in the number two spot, located on Belmont Avenue near Spanish Banks, has an assessed value of $71.8 million. The third property on the list is James Island, which is located north of Victoria. Its 2018 assessed value is $54.4 million.

In the context of Metro Vancouver, the vast majority of the priciest 100 properties are in Vancouver. The top 10 is dominated by locales spread across Kitsilano, Point Grey and Shaughnessy. Five of those properties are on Belmont Avenue, while three others are on Point Grey Road.

Only 12 out of the top 50 most expensive properties across B.C. are outside the City of Vancouver: typically the District of West Vancouver or the University Endowment Lands.

Here are the top 10 assessed properties in B.C.:

  1. 3085 Point Grey Rd. — $78,837,000
  2. 4707 Belmont Ave. — $71,820,000
  3. James Island, Gulf Islands — $54,433,000
  4. 4719 Belmont Ave. — $46,684,000
  5. 2815 Point Grey Rd. — $45,875,000
  6. 4743 Belmont Ave. — $42,952,000
  7. 1388 The Crescent — $42,494,000
  8. 4857 Belmont Ave. — $41,730,000
  9. 4773 Belmont Ave.  — $40,276,000
  10. 2999 Point Grey Rd. — $38,684,000