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Man kicks side view mirror off car after almost getting hit in Vancouver (VIDEO)

A close call sparked some anger from a pedestrian...
Dashcam footage
A man kicked a side view mirror off car after almost getting hit in Vancouver.

A video has surfaced of a particularly close call in Vancouver on Thursday, January 17.

Reddit user SlumbleBump captured the incident on their dashcam footage and posted it to their account on January 18.

In the video, a man holding an umbrella is seen crossing the street when a vehicle cuts through the intersection and hits him. Although the car doesn’t strike him hard enough to make him fall, it comes extremely close to doing so. Following the near miss, and with almost no hesitation, the man turns to the side and kicks the side view mirror right off the car.

While the poster doesn’t state exactly where the incident took place, Reddit user jabK mentions that, “This is SW Marine Dr & Yukon.”

Currently, the Vancouver weather forecast calls for a stretch of rainfall which can make visibility extremely poor on city streets. The City of Vancouver reminds drivers that during dark times at night, as well as dark times during the day, changing road conditions make it harder to see each other.

As such, you should always stay alert during these times and, “aways check that the intersection is clear and that other road users see you before proceeding.”