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Podcast: In conversation with Dr. Patricia Daly of Vancouver Coastal Health

The chief medical health officer discusses overdose crisis, legalization of drugs and shaping policy at city hall
Dr. Patricia Daly, chief medical health officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, was in the Courier’s podcast studio last week where she spent almost 40 minutes talking to civic affairs reporter Mike Howell. Photo Dan Toulgoet

The drug death crisis, the legalization of drugs and how public health docs shape policy at city hall were all topics discussed in my conversation with Dr. Patricia Daly of Vancouver Coastal Health in the second episode of “12th & Cambie: The Podcast!”

Listen in.

It will be the best 37 minutes you spend today on getting educated about public health.

Here’s a quote to get you started: “It’s unfortunate that it takes an opioid crisis to spur people on. But it’s a little bit like war — it’s terrible — but sometimes you’re able to spread innovation as a result.”

Click on the play tab below to see what she means by “innovation” and why she supports the work of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users and Sarah Blyth of the Overdose Prevention Society. In advance, thanks for listening.

On doctors overprescribing opioids (8 min mark), on why no treatment-on-demand for drug users (13:30), on public health docs shaping policy at city hall (16:53), on legalization and regulation of drugs (23:20), on work of VANDU, Sarah Blyth and Ann Livingston (33:36).