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Police on the hunt for canine names

German shepherd puppies are the VPD's newest additions to K9 unit

Cute nicknames like “Fluffy,” “Muffin” or even “Fido” just won’t cut it for an ongoing naming contest sponsored by the Vancouver Police Department.

Instead, the VPD’s Name That Puppy Contest is looking for monikers to join the distinguished lineup already in use by dogs that share their bloodlines with police dogs Scout, Bear, Jackal, Flash and Saint.

The two German shepherd littermates are eight-weeks-old and, while one is black the other is sable, both are destined for service with the VPD.

And while the VPD has dubbed the puppies the “Cutest Crimefighters,” the puppies have no official names. So the VPD is turning to the experts, Kindergarten to Grade 7 students attending schools across the city. 

During the next two weeks the students will work together as a team in their individual classrooms to decide on a name. The VPD says the names are important because the dogs will become an integral part of the force.

School board chair Patti Bachus said the board has a long history of working closely with the VPD in keeping schools, students and staff safe.

“I want to wish all students and classes who participate in this fun contest the best of luck,” said Bachus.

This is the third “Name the Puppy” contest for the VPD. Previous winning names selected by children were Police Dog “Nitro” in 2007, and Police Dog “Diesel” in 2006.

The contest rules are as follows:

* The contest is open to Kindergarten to Grade 7 classes in Vancouver.

•  One entry per class.

•  Submit two names and clarify which dog it’s for — black or sable — in the single entry.

•  Entry must include the school’s name, class/teacher name and phone number for the school.

•  Submit entries via email to

•  Keep in mind the puppies are both males and will be working police dogs.


The contest continues now through 11:59 p.m., April 17, and the winners will be announced April 22.

The winning class will be provided with a tour of the Dog Squad’s facility, have a chance to meet the puppies and in-service dogs up close and receive a police dog demonstration. If a class is unable to travel, the Dog Squad will come to the classroom.