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RANT/RAVE (Mar. 10)

Badge of honour Kudos to the VPD for responding so quickly to a call Saturday Feb. 26 on a cold snowy night. A man was seen over a period of hours laying outside, covered with blankets, in the bushes near Lost Lagoon.

Badge of honour

Kudos to the VPD for responding so quickly to a call Saturday Feb. 26 on a cold snowy night. A man was seen over a period of hours laying outside, covered with blankets, in the bushes near Lost Lagoon. The police were polite and respectful, even calling back to inform the caller that the fella was taken to the hospital, then would go into a shelter. This should be a reminder to all of us that we have a duty to report any incident where a person could be in harm or danger to themselves. We should all be looking out for one another. Thanks again to our citys finest who came through for this one person!


Dont be a turd

This message is for dog owners. While there is little chance that you are actually going to obey the bylaw and bury your dog turds because that is technically what you are supposed to do. I just ask that, at the very least, you dont leave your bags of dog shit on garbage cans or, probably the most egregious, in the recycling racks on garbage cans. Nobody wants to recycle your dog shit for you. Put it in the trash where it belongs. Is that so much to ask you self-important fucks?


Smoking = cancer

This is my rant response for the person who titled his rant Smoking equals freedom. First of all, how does smoking equal freedom? All smoking equals is nicotine-stained teeth and fingers, along with cancer of the throat, mouth or lungs, emphysema, premature aging of the skin, not to mention people who smoke stink like filthy ashtrays hardly an attractive scent. You are aware that when you smoke you are inhaling formaldehyde, which is used to preserve dead things, along with a poison called arsenic and the chemical which is used in nail-polish remover really healthy way to exercise your freedom there buddy. You also claim that the one breath of smoke you inhale from a cigarette once every few weeks or months. Are you insane? In the space of one city block today I encountered a minimum of 10 to 15 smokers and I had to hold my breath as I passed each one. So you go ahead and as you so unintelligently wrote, smoke my face off in your face. And when you are suffering the ravages of a cigarette-related disease maybe then youll wish you hadnt been such a callous hard-ass. And that you had used your freedom more wisely.

Brandi, Rantline caller

Second-hand smoke sucks

This is regarding Smoking equals freedom. No, smoking equals stupidity, ignorance, selfishness and low awareness and sensitivity towards the environment and other people. Theres nothing that compares to the toxic effects of smoking. It exacerbates and can cause cataracts; its guaranteed to cause cancer and everyone except you, Mr. Theodus, seems to know that second-hand smoke is far more deadly than first-hand smoke. You who smoke dont seem to realize that everybody walking behind you has to suck it in whether they like it or not. You are also so unaware you dont seem to know about the new city bylaws that you are not supposed to smoke within six metres of a bus stop. That would make sense. But its you guys who always hog the bus shelter and sit there smoking your stupid faces off. We have to stand six metres away to get away from that in the pouring rain, the snow, holding heavy parcels because of your selfish, stupid, immature ignorance. Smoking doesnt equal freedom. It equals lack of awareness, insensitivity, immaturity, lack of concern for your fellow human beings and your environment. Take a look at all the cigarette butts on the sidewalk in front of every bus stop, most of which are probably yours.


Delicate cycle

It was Saturday at 5pm and it had been snowing all afternoon in Vancouver. I was walking alongside the new, barely used, but so very important for our mayors ego bicycle lane on Howe Street when I noticed a matchbox-sized truck sort of a cross between a forklift and a tiny bulldozer coming down the strip of road next to the sidewalk. The City of Vancouver has bought a lilliputian snowplow! Was it built by elves? Even as most of the city roads for cars had yet to be plowed, it was obviously considered essential that the bike lanes be cleared of their 1/8 inch of snow so that the cyclists who so love their mode of transportation that they ride in the snow, would not have any weather-related impediment. What more can we do for you urban cyclists? Instead of the city focusing on improving the sad state of public transit in Vancouver, now you have dedicated lanes in which to ignore stop signs and traffic lights. After all, those kind of inconvenient rules are for drivers, not you free spirits. How about if we set up a juice and smoothie bar at the south end of the Burrard Street bridge? Wed get teams of volunteers to stand with trays of refreshing fruit concoctions so cyclists could coast by without stopping. Or what about chair massage therapy at 20 or so locations around the city so that cyclists could relax their muscles before they arrived at home? The fact remains that very few cyclists will brave the ubiquitous rain of a Vancouver winter lanes or not. The transition the mayor should have focused on was getting people out of their cars and on to transit. That is realistic. And helpful to all citizens.


Vancouver bus hogs

I take the bus several times a day, every day. Why, oh why do some people have to stand in the exit area of the bus, stop after stop, talking, using the cellphone or just staring off into space? Why do they stand there at all? They constantly block people needing or wanting to exit. Same comment for those who immediately block the area just beyond the entrance the minute they get on the bus. Why would they stand there, of all places? People need to be able to get on and off the bus unfettered by bodies that shouldnt be in the way. Cant you leave the exits and entrances clear?


Sounding the alarm

Its 9 oclock, approximately, Thursday. There is piece-of-shit grey SUV parked on Pendrell Street and Guilford your stupid alarm goes off every five minutes. Your car is a loser and you are a scumbag. I hope you get a big fucking ticket you turd burglar.

Anonymous Rantline caller

Survival guide for

living in a city

Two things on noise in the city:

1) City = noisy. Get over it.

2) Earplugs. Worn them at night for years. Excellent results!


Irresponsible dog owners

This is a pretty redundant rant as Ive seen it on these pages before. Its for all you irresponsible dog owners out there. Its a pretty simple two-step process. When your dog shits, number one pick it up; number two throw it in the fucking garbage. Vancouver boasts some beautiful green areas in an ultra-urban landscape. Too bad there are piles of shit lurking in all of those green spaces where our children play. Thats bad enough, but to walk on any Vancouver street and see baggies of poo in walkways, really? The next time I catch one of you assholes skulking away from your neglected duties I will be that crazy bitch who throws it in your fucking face. Signed, I like cats.


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