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This Canucks/Friends mashup is magnificent [VIDEO]

We’re at a point in the season when pump-up videos seem kind of pointless.
Ben Hutton opens up his shirt

We’re at a point in the season when pump-up videos seem kind of pointless. What would be the point of getting pumped up? I mean, sure, it might be hard to watch the rest of the season without pumping yourself up for it, but I recommend watching all the Rocky training montages back-to-back for that, rather than a typical Canucks pump-up video.

Fortunately, this isn’t a typical Canucks pump-up video.

For whatever reason, someone decided to mashup the Canucks with Friends, producing this bizarre masterpiece.

You need to take 46 seconds out of your day to watch this video, because it’s delightful. Sure, it makes no sense to have the Canucks on one hand and Friends on the other and then put those hands together, but it somehow works perfectly.

The creator of this video goes by many names—Ben, @DishonoredNuck, u/PolishThrasher, and The Red Polar Bear—but whatever the name, he did a great job. He mines the depths of the silly videos the Canucks have released this year and ends up nailing the tone of the Friends intro.

You might question the Sedins not getting named, but this is clearly a tribute to the younger set, with Jacob Markstrom and Luca Sbisa the oldest “characters” at 26. But Sven Baertschi is front and centre in a couple clips and doesn’t get named? I guess when the video is this fun, it’s a moo point.


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