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VIDEO: One fall foliage spot in Metro Vancouver you need to see

If you like the colours of autumn, you'll enjoy walking down this street
Fall foliage
This is one fall foliage spot you need to see.

Every year Vancouverite William Lee goes on a hunt for the perfect spot to capture fall foliage in all its glory.

While there are many beautiful sites to see the colours of autumn unfold in the Greater Vancouver area, Lee says this is one location you shouldn't miss.

One year he was exploring and came across the rows of trees on Prenter Street, between Hawthorne and Magnolia, in Burnaby South, and was instantly impressed by the vibrant colours.

Now, he returns each year to film the beautiful display.

“This particular spot is my favourite and I’ll go and shoot it every year and see what I can capture,” Lee told the Courier.

“I send the videos to my relatives overseas so they can see, because they can’t always come here but they always hear about how beautiful maple leaves are in Canada.

“In Vancouver they’re so distinctive. They’re so beautiful.”

Lee, an amateur photographer and videographer, filmed the video about a month ago.

 “The maple leaves turn depending on the tree - The yellow, orange and pink leaves are the ones I really like, and those are the ones that usually turn earlier,” Lee says.

“I like the yellow ones more than the red ones, myself, because I find them more vibrant. Without the sun the red foliage just looks dark, they’re hard to capture.”

To get a different perspective of the leaves, Lee put his phone on a tripod and put it through his car’s sunroof to film.

While it was a little bit of a secret, Lee says he was happy to share the beauty of his favourite fall foliage loaction with people who may not know about it.

If you feel like going on a fall photo shoot, there are a lot of other areas to see remarkable foliage colours too, including Trout Lake and Stanley Park.

Check out this list of Vancouver’s top places for foliage viewing.