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Why has 'the blob' returned to B.C. waters?

Meteorologists say that “the blob” may have devastating effects
The blob
"The blob" is back in B.C. waters

While it may seem like an odd term, meteorologists say that “the blob” may have devastating effects.

What’s more, another “blob” has been spotted again in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of B.C.

Last seen in 2016, the phenomenon takes place when a large area of the ocean warms up, which creates a warm patch, or as it is known, a “blob.”

Sadly, this anomalous occurrence is thought to be the culprit for a number of negative changes in the ocean. For example, some scientists have linked the event with a decline in fish populations as well as the subsequent death of cetaceans.

“After a brief resurgence in September 2016, the blob faded away, until October 2018, where signs are emerging of its triumphant return,” reports The Weather Network.

What’s more, the phenomenon may have an effect on the weather, too. Specifically, meteorologists claim that it may be indicative of poor snowfall, which has negative ramifications for B.C. ski resorts.