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Explore new developments with this Showcase of New Homes

Make 2020 the year you purchase that dream new home to invest in your family, your lifestyle and your future
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2020 is the year to go after your dreams. And for many in the Greater Vancouver area, that means buying their dream home. There’s no need to extoll the virtues of living in our beautiful region. It’s the perfect mix of city and nature, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Owning a home in one of the many cities across our region is something many strive for. Whether you’ve just moved to the area, are starting a family or downsizing because of a newly empty nest, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the variety of homes in markets across the region. Old or new, apartment or detached house – the options seem endless.

A new development is an opportunity for more than just getting into the real estate game. Often, new apartment and townhouse complexes are being built with more than housing in mind – in many cases there’s also a community focus. In addition, on many occasions new owners have the opportunity to add bespoke touches. Some developers offer different floorplans or let you choose unique finishes.

Although there’s much to be said about buying a new development as an investment – the real investment is in your future. A home where you can create new memories, a place you can fill with friends and family, and feel a sense of comfort every time you walk in the door.

But it seems like every other block has a new apartment or townhouse complex being built. How can you find one that combines quality and integrity with the lifestyle and community you’re looking for?

Glacier Media Real Estate has curated this Showcase of New Homes. Here you can explore new developments in several growing communities across the area. Each development will be part of a vibrant community. Find the one that aligns with yours.