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Rob Ford’s house listed at $2.5M – and it’s a teardown (PHOTOS)

We don’t know about you, but we were expecting something much fancier
Rob Ford home exterior
The late, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's home in Etobicoke, Ontario is listed at $2,499,000. Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via

If you were to imagine a house where the late, not-so-great Rob Ford lived, you might think of a brash suburban McMansion with lots of gold fixtures and marble bathrooms, right? Yeah, us too.

So a peek at the listings photos of the notorious former Toronto mayor’s home, currently standing empty, is a bit of a letdown. The property, in a fairly desirable neighbourhood in Etobicoke, between Toronto and Mississauga, was listed on the MLS at $2,499,000 this week, with the suggestion that the buyer tears down the house and builds a new one.

From the outside, it’s a very modest bungalow with a basement, on a pie-shaped lot surrounded by a park on two sides, which leads down to the Humber River. The eagle-eyed among you will have seen the home in the background of press conferences that the shamed politician held outside during his scandalous career.

Inside, the main floor is perfectly livable (aside from those swirling Artex ceilings), with a decent-sized living/dining space, and medium-sized kitchen with breakfast nook, and three average, boxy bedrooms.

Rob Ford home living kitchen
The main living space leads to the medium-sized kitchen. Check out the Artex ceiling swirl... Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via

It’s on the lower floor, in the shabby recreation room with stained-looking carpet and brick fireplace, where we can imagine some pretty, ahem, interesting parties taking place. There’s also a large, unfinished laundry/storage room.

Rob Ford home basement recreation room
Can you imagine the parties that might have taken place in this seedy-looking basement recreation room? We can... Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via

Out back, the deck is positively ghetto and looks like it’s about to fall down. Still, the lot backs onto a park and green space, so that’s a bonus.

Rob Ford home deck yard
The deck off the back of the former Toronto mayor's home is nothing short of shabby. But hey, the whole property is probably a teardown... Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via

The listing description describes the property as “a signature address – when only the best will do.” Presumably this refers to the lot and its potential, rather than the existing house…

Check out more images of this listing, below.

Rob Ford home kitchen
This serviceable kitchen has a breakfast nook with L-shaped banquette next to the door to the living/dining area. Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via


Rob Ford home bedroom
All three bedrooms in this home are similarly nondescript and boxy, this one being the largest. Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via


Rob Ford home bathroom
This bathroom was once Rob Ford's. We'll leave you with that thought. Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via


Rob Ford home basement laundry room
The basement laundry and boiler room of Ford's former home is in pretty rough shape. Listing agent: Mike Doria. Image via


Rob Ford home green space
The best part of this house is the lot, which is surrounded on two sides by green space, leading to a river. Listing agent: Mike Donia. Image via