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Jevitty Scan by Bodycomp

"I wish I did this sooner. I've never felt more confident in my health journey" Trusted by thousands across BC.

Starting a new health journey or recommitting to an old one? Body composition scans can help you start off right and stay on track. Bodycomp scans give you a baseline and management of your progress as you fine-tune changes in your workout, diet, or lifestyle. 

A leading cause of ill health today is increased VAT (fat in the abdominal region, specifically surrounding vital organs) medical-grade technology leaves nothing to guesswork; providing you accurate information so you can take control with confidence. By comparing your scans, you can optimize training programs, track weight, bone density, VAT and more. 

The Bodycomp scanners use DXA technology, the gold standard in the measurement of muscle, fat, and whole-body bone mass. The scan and interpretation include a full analysis of the data, resting metabolic rate estimates, and nutritional guidance.

Scan reports include:

  • whole-body percent fat (less than 1.5% error)
  • the weight of lean, fat and bone tissue in arms, legs and torso
  • analysis of visceral fat and any relevant health risks
  • whole-body bone density measurement
  • personal caloric requirements based upon lean tissue mass

To learn about the best way to lose weight and gain health, book your next appointment now!

Jevitty Scan by Bodycomp Vancouver

550 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9

Phone: 604-689-1911

Email: [email protected]

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

Jevitty Scan by Bodycomp White Rock

15165 Russell Ave (inside the Wellness Garage)

White Rock, BC V4B 2P4

Phone: 778-302-8445

Email: [email protected]

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Jevitty Scan by Bodycomp Kitsilano

2080 W 10th Ave (inside Innovative Fitness)

Vancouver, BC V6J 2B3

Phone: 236-591-4015

Email: [email protected]

Jevitty Scan by Bodycomp South Surrey

15303 31st Ave, Unit 100 (inside Innovative Fitness)

Surrey, BC V3Z 6X2

Phone: 236-591-4011

Email: [email protected]