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12 pumpkin-shaped cookware pieces for fall

Prominent French cookware brands like Le Creuset and Staub are taking fall vibes straight into the kitchen with these much-coveted pumpkin cocottes. (There's some pretty convincing dupes on Amazon, too.)
 Tanja Ivanova Moments Getty Images pumpkins
Pumpkin-shaped cocottes do triple kitchen duty for cooking, baking and serving.

It’s officially fall, which means Uggs are considered formal wear and pumpkin spice is a food group.  

For those hoping to fully embrace fall vibe and fully lean into the aesthetic, pumpkin-shaped cocottes and serving dishes are certainly having a moment among lifestyle influencers. The options range from pricey French cookware lines Le Creuset and Staub all the way to decent Amazon dupes that don’t do the work of the Dutch oven, but are definitely good enough to serve stuffing from.

The search for gourd-themed kitchenware is also complicated by fast sell-through rate on stock (which can drive up the price on some items). As these are kitschier, trend-focused pieces, the dupes are just as in-demand as the name brand cookware and there’s a few.

The Le Creuset pumpkin cocotte

Pumpkin cocotte

For nearly 100 years, Le Creuset has been a classic and quality line that novice and professional chefs rely on. Le Creuset’s cast iron pumpkin cocotte is all over social media and fans of the venerable French cookware brand are coveting the seasonal line. Availability is limited and the other colour schemes are not available in Canada. $300 for 2L pot at Le Creuset

The Staub pumpkin cocotte

Staub black cocotte

Staub’s cast iron cookware is still made in France and the 3.5L pumpkin-shaped pot is seasonal but not in a hokey way. The matte black and gold handle makes for a chic addition to a kitchen. Also available in matte orange. $349.99 at Amazon.

Staub burnt orange full size

The Staub burnt orange pumpkin cast iron pot is in high demand and sold out at most retailers but there are a few on Amazon and it is pricier than the matte version. $379.99 at Amazon

Petite Le Creuset and Staub pumpkin pots

Le Creuset mini cocotte

Le Creuset pumpkin cocotte in meringue, 12 oz for $112.68 at Amazon.

Staub mini cocotte

Staub pumpkin cocotte in burnt orange, 24 oz for $69.29 at Amazon.

Pumpkin dishes and pots for less


Black cocotte staub dupe

The black casserole dish that is so similar to Staub, we had to double check the name brand. $226.06 at Amazon.

Ceramic pumpkin glossy

This glossy, 14 oz ceramic pumpkin bakeware is $35.99 at Amazon.

pumpkin pie dish orange

White pumpkin pie dish

A pumpkin pie dish in orange ($83.99 at Amazon) and in white with a serving spoon, great for a hostess gift ($62.19 at Amazon). 

Green pumpkin dish

Porcelain pumpkin baking bowls in white, green, orange and yellow. $31.89 at Amazon.

Red pumpkin dish

Glossy red pumpkin casserole dish, $79.99 on Amazon.

Blue pumpkin dish

This Megachef enamel cast iron pot comes in red, but the blue is unique and really pretty (especially for those who love the full range of Le Creuset colours). $107.39 at Amazon.