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'Disgusting lies': Vancouverites react to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp trial

The Depp vs. Heard trial has drawn eyes from around the world, including B.C.
Now in its final week, the Johnny Depp and Amber heard trial has been a hotly-debated topic in Metro Vancouver, B.C. and in Hollywood in May 2022.

While it is taking place south of the border, one of the biggest trials in Hollywood history has captured the attention of people across Metro Vancouver.

Now in its final week, actor Johnny Depp's civil suit with his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, has been a hotly-debated topic on social media since it commenced on April 11. In fact, the high-profile relationship has been under the international microscope for years, with allegations of abuse coming from both parties. 

Depp has denied he ever struck Heard, and says she was the abuser in the relationship. Heard has testified about more than a dozen separate instances of physical abuse she says she suffered at Depp’s hands.

Many Metro Vancouver residents say Heard has been lying throughout the trail. One Vancouverite writes that she has been telling "disgusting lies" while another simply says that Depp's witnesses "all have consistent testimonies."

The hashtags #JusticeForJohnnyDepp and #IStandWithJohnnyDepp have also gained steam across the province and around the world, with Depp's loyal fans showing their support via social media channels. 

But while many locals have sided with Depp, others feel that Heard has been misrepresented in the court of public opinion. 

Erika Thorkelson says people are quick to characterize the actress' facial expressions as inappropriate or disingenuous because they lack the understanding of how years of sustained trauma may appear. 

"Growing up, I learned to switch off my emotions when things got too overwhelming and I had to be in public. This behaviour was reinforced by years in the service industry to the point where I could smack full tilt into a table corner and walk away smiling," the local woman writes in a Twitter thread. 

With files from the Associated Press.