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Anna Kendrick is in Vancouver filming a movie about a real-life dating horror story

This new movie is her directorial debut.
Anna Kendrick is in Vancouver making her directorial debut with a true-crime thriller.

Last time Anna Kendrick was in Vancouver she was filming a happy-go-lucky Disney+ Christmas movie with future (ex-)boyfriend Bill Hader.

Now, she's back to make a very different flick.

The Dating Game was a 1970s TV game show that would match a bachelorette with one of three hopeful bachelors and it's the real-life inspiration behind Kendrick's upcoming thriller of the same name

Several famous names appeared on the show during its run before they found success. Steve Martin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Tom Selleck, and serial killer Rodney Alcala all participated in episodes.

Alcala appeared on The Dating Game during his murder spree in 1978 and even won the game. His stint on the show is the basis of Kendrick's new movie. The "Dating Game Killer" died in 2021.

Kendrick is directing, producing, and starring in the movie opposite Daniel Zovatto. So far, Kendrick and Zovatto are the only announced cast members of the production which began this week and will continue until December 3.

One lucky Vancouverite has already spotted the actress in Metro Vancouver.