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Free art show coming to Vancouver focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement

The exhibit features "powerful art, interactive elements, and musical experience"
The Black Lives Matter Memorial Project Art Exhibition will be in Vancouver from July 26 to August 2, 2023. It will feature a video installation of Orchestra Noir (pictured).

An art show dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement is coming to Vancouver later this month.

The show is dedicated to Black lives lost to racial injustice and focuses on systemic racism in Canada and the U.S., say organizers. Pieces will include portraits by Toronto-based Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware of Black individuals who have died due to law enforcement violence.

"These incredible human beings depicted here should be alive and with us today," says Ware in a press release. "We fight for abolition and Black liberation every day to help usher in a freer future — one where Black safety and Black life is assured."

Along with the visual components, there will be a video installation from Maestro Jason Ikeem Rodgers and the Orchestra Noir. Rodgers composed an original piece for the Vancouver art show.

"It is this combination of powerful art, interactive elements, and musical experience that sets the BLM Memorial Project Art Exhibition apart," show organizer and participating artist Toni Latour tells V.I.A.

The show will be at the Alternatives Gallery at 1659 Venables St. from July 26 to Aug. 2. Entrance is free.

An opening reception on July 29 will feature refreshments and speakers including Krystal Paraboo, who's leading the Black Strathcona Resurgence Project, among others. The reception starts at 3 p.m. and runs to 5 p.m.

The Black Lives Matter Memorial Project Art Exhibition

When: July 26–Aug. 2, 2023

Where: Alternatives Gallery - 1659 Venables St., Vancouver

Cost: Free