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Boozily ever after: Beauty and the Beast-themed cocktail experience coming to Vancouver

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Beauty and the Beast immersive cocktail experience
The immersive Beauty and the Beast cocktail experience is coming to Vancouver this summer in August, 2022.

Beauty, Beast, and a bit of booze. 

Though the old-as-time fairy tale was originally set in France, Vancouver is close enough. 

Hidden in the city is a cursed castle that will sweep you into the enchanted story of Beauty and the Beast.

The immersive experience will take guests on a cocktail adventure with riddles and challenges along the way to try and lift the curse. Each guest will get to make two themed cocktails while getting to interact with the Disney version of the fairy tale's iconic characters (we're talking about Lumière and Mrs. Potts of course).

The cocktail experience is created by the interactive team behind The Alice Cocktail Experience and The Wizard's Den. 

Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience

When: August 10 to November 6, 2022

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club - 4875 Victoria Dr.

Cost: $45 per person; tickets can be purchased online.