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Being Transparent at CreativeMornings/Vancouver

Ever since he could remember, Bill Fordy has a passion for catching the bad guys.

Ever since he could remember, Bill Fordy has a passion for catching the bad guys. As the Officer in Charge for Surrey RCMP and one of the lead interrogators for the Robert Pickton case, Bill understands the need for transparency and how it can interact with the law. CreativeMornings/Vancouver was very pleased to have him come chat with us on the theme of Transparency and how creativity plays into it.


When interrogating a suspect, it’s a common practice to lie to them, making them believe one thing while you’re leading them down another path to where they will confess. But do you have to be absolutely transparent with your suspect? It’s a gray area that many officers have dared to tread. The only reason why there’s a requirement to be transparent during an investigation is to ensure all evidence is admissible in court.

One thing you can tell right away with Bill Fordy—he is willing to be open and transparent with the media and the general public. With his measured speech, you can see why people want to place trust in him. Because in his eyes, being trustworthy and being transparent are the same.


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