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Blackbear's Digital Drug Tour in This Week's Must-See Shows

Blackbear's bumpin' beats and killer vibes is exactly what you need to kickstart your week.

Blackbear's bumpin' beats and killer vibes is exactly what you need to kickstart your week. His Digital DrugTour will be making a stop at The Commodore so be sure to not miss out!

But he's just one of the Top 15 must-see artists playing in Vancouver this week, picked by our city's #knowfun Selectors at Do604.

The Top 15 playlist - hear this week's best artists here

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at The Commodore - Monday May 29

We're do re mi fa so stoked he's here! His laid back and chill vibes will be pouring out of The Commodore tonight!


at Malkin Bowl - Monday May 29

Get dancing when Rufus Du Sol turns Malkin Bowl into a huge dance party with their uplifting bass jams.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

at The Vogue - Tuesday May 30

Already known for their incredibly tight sets, they'll be blowing your mind and rocking your world with their upbeat rock n roll!

Rodney DeCroo

at The Cultch - Wednesday May 31

Come out and hear East Vancouver's gritty lyrical artist mesmerize you with his latest heart-wrenching album and book!

DJ Premier

at Venue - Thursday June 1

Dj Premier's battling loops and heavy scratching is all you really need on a Thursday night to give you that motivation to get through the rest of the week.

Valerie June

at The Fox - Thursday June 1

Need a gentle push to get through the night? Valerie June's soothing melodies will make you swoon and captivate you with her enchanting vocals.

Manila Killa & Robotaki

at MIA - Thursday June 1

It's about to get hotter at MIA when Manila Killa transports you to the tropics with his bumpin' tropical house.


at Fortune - Friday June 2

Slip away from reality and get lost in a dream that's sparkling with good vibes and happy thoughts at Fortune (not sarcastic; not really)! Merchandise will guide you away from your problems with their newest indie tunes.

Paco Osuna

at Celebrities Underground - Friday June 2

You'll be able to feel Paco Osuna's passion for music electrify you at Celebrities Underground. His ability to bring together pure minimalistic sounds with depth, darkness and intelligence will blow your mind.


at Untitled Art Space - Friday June 2

Known for fusing electronic bits with catchy indie hooks, you won't want to miss when Humans stir up some mad Virtual Reality action!

Posh Lost at Music Waste Festival

at Hidden City Records - Friday June 2

Celebrate local music, art and comedy at it's finest during Music Wastes 23rd Festival. Head down to Hidden City Records to get lost in Posh Lost's dreamy pop!


at Railway Stage & Beer Cafe - Saturday June 3

Maiwah's music is food for the soul. R&B that's swirling with elements of modern electronic music to bring out the feel good vibes that everyone needs on a Saturday night!

Day Wave

at Biltmore - Saturday June 3

Dreamy, lo-fi indie-pop is honestly all you need to unwind and let loose to. Day Wave captures that perfectly with his guitar-drive vibes that cool you down!Somethin’ Like That plays Sunday at VCBW

at the 2-day VCBW Festival - Saturday June 3 &  Sunday June 4

Come on, how could you say no to endless beer and a 2-day lineup of wicked local talent? It's the ideal combo perfect for the summer feels! We suggest you check out up n' coming hip hop artist Somethin' Like That.


at Fortune - Sunday June 4

Don't let the thought of Monday bring you down! Moonface's dark pop and melodious experiments are the best way to end this week and ease back into the workweek struggles.

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