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Digital artist drops ships from Star Trek, Halo onto Port of Vancouver (PHOTOS)

In one image, the city is under attack from space!

What if the Port of Vancouver was more like a spaceport?

A series of images from The Templin Institute imagines that. The website, which looks at popular sci-fi works and their alternative worlds, has brought some of the most popular sci-fi franchises into Vancouver.

In one of the photos the USS Majestic appears to be taking off from Burrard Inlet and looms large over the area. In the background the USS Thomas Paine appears to be arriving. Ships from Star Trek are fairly large, running several hundred meters long.

The two other images are from the Halo franchise. In one the Pillar of Autumn hangs in a similar spot to the Majestic as it seemingly breaks through the clouds.

The second, and most dramatic, is an attack. As described by The Templin Institute, it shows the Fleet of Pious Jubilation attacking the Port of Vancouver, with explosions and smoke billowing from different areas. It looks like Hastings-Sunrise is particularly hit bad, and the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge may be gone.