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Watch: Drake demands ’them ‘llinis’ from Vancouver restaurant

"I have faith in you"
Drake addressed the Vancouver waterfront Cactus Club on Instagram, asking the restaurant bring 4 drinks to his hotel room. He will be playing his last Vancouver show on Aug. 30.

Drake has one request before his last concert in Vancouver tonight (Aug. 30). 

The rapper shared a video to his Instagram story of the Waterfront Cactus Club, which was the restaurant where he was spotted over the weekend after he flew into town. 

"Yo Cactus Club," Drake starts off. "I came over by you the other day and it didn't go exactly as I wanted it to," he says, noting that he "couldn't really figure out a table for myself over there" because of the fan frenzy. 

"We've been through a lot together," he adds.

The rapper then demanded that the restaurant bring four peach Bellinis to his hotel room within 30 minutes. 

"Them 'llinis, them Lina Marie's, them Lina Turner's, peach 'linioski. You know what I need. Dressed up with the red."

He also asked Cactus Club to make sure the Bellinis arrived frozen and not half-melted or in a plastic container.

"I have faith in you." 

Drake shared another snap to his Instagram story of a Cactus Club waitress with four Bellini's at his hotel room. "Frozen and golden and right on time," he captioned it. 


Photo via @champagnepapi/Instagram