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Everyone loves cherry blossom season in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

People flood parks and streets to take photos and spend time with the cherry blossoms.

April 1 marked the start of the Vancouver cherry blossom festival as well as the month where streets across the city turn all shades of pink and bring out those looking for the latest photos for their socials.

Selfie sticks, ladders and chairs are common when going out to Queen Elizabeth Park, which is often bustling as many are out enjoying the sight of the beautiful flowers.

In past years people flocked to the streets full of cherry blossoms. This year it seems construction has slowed the numbers of blossom-seekers in the streets, but many have still been seen out getting their prized shots.

Some like to spend time under the trees and just sit, relax and watch the environment around them

The city of Vancouver is home to around 43,000 cherry blossom trees spread all over the city and each year we get to watch these beautiful trees bloom and turn our city pink.

Learn more about the cherry blossom festival, its history and where to find cherry blossoms in Vancouver via the VCBF website.