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Exhibit filled with 'monsters' opening at Vancouver Aquarium

Megalodon jaws, a Spinosaurus skeleton and new animals are all part of it.
A new exhibit opening at the Vancouver Aquarium promises current aquatic predators and past "monsters" of oceans, rivers and lakes.

A new exhibit featuring live displays, a dinosaur skeleton and Megalodon jaws will be opening soon at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Dubbed "Monsters of the Abyss" the new, interactive section at the aquarium opens Feb. 9. It'll take a look at aquatic predators alive in the oceans, lakes and rivers around the world now, as well as extinct animals.

"From slithering snakes to monolithic monitors, new creatures are lurking in the waters of Vancouver Aquarium. Learn about aquatic predators of past and present in new, extraordinary live habitats for a limited time," states the aquarium on its site.

Along with the living, breathing animals, there'll be a Spinosaurus skeleton (though smaller than the one in Jurassic Park 3), Megalodon jaws and other displays showing long extinct predators of the deep.

It'll include interactive pieces as well, including hands on fossils, and up close encounters with living animals during expert talks.

"Monsters of the Abyss" is a temporary exhibit and part of general admission; it ends Sept. 2, 2024.