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You can shoot arrows at live orcs in the woods at this terrifying haunted adventure

"There's a bounty on the heads of the monsters. Can you and your team of mercenaries help this troubled town?"
Photo: The Empty Chest

If you journey into the "Haunted Adventure" woods, you're in for one hell of a surprise.

Not only are the deep, dark woods creepy on their own, but they are also filled with orcs, demons, monsters, and even a ten-foot cave troll.

The Empty Chest Haunted Adventure takes place on three bone-chilling nights this Halloween season and offers the chance to navigate your way through an interactive fantasy world.

After you leave the "humble Village of Vancouver," you'll journey to the town of Beggars Hole to defeat a cast of evildoers who have been wreaking havoc on the townspeople. 

Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed into a large tent tavern where they can enjoy a drink before they embark on their journey. From here, they'll meet an elf who'll give them a bow. They'll learn some basic archery and then move into the course.

"The Empty Chest is the most bustling little tavern in the little town of Beggars Hole, but something evil is lurking in the woods. Several beasts have been troubling the townsfolk, raiding and looting their caravans," read a post from The Empty Chest Haunted Adventure. 

"There's a bounty on the heads of the monsters. Can you and your team of mercenaries help this troubled town?"

 Photo: The Empty ChestPhoto: The Empty Chest

 Photo: The Empty ChestPhoto: The Empty Chest

This is where it gets scary (and fun). Participants will enter the haunted forest, where they'll follow a path of solar lights on the ground. During the course of the adventure, they'll run into a variety of "creatures" played by live actors. These creatures are the enemy, and guests will need to fire their arrows at them in order to defeat them. If they fail to do so, the creatures will attack them and steal their life-force.

What the heck is a life-force?

Your life-force will appear on an LED lightbulb, and a green light means a healthy life-force, while red means dead. Of course, you can always search for treasure chests along the way in order to gain more life-force pins. Once you defeat all of the creepers along the way, there is a final foe to face: the cave troll.

 Photo: The Empty ChestPhoto: The Empty Chest

Towering ten feet tall, this wicked adversary is the last match of the freaky fantasy adventure. After all the action, you can gulp down a refreshing brew at the tavern - supplied by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks, of course.

The total experience takes about an hour, but there is also a special VIP experience. The VIP experience includes a bow-making class, where you'll get to engrave a bow and keep it. Lunch is also included in the VIP Experience, and the organizers note that "It will be reminiscent of olden day Viking days. Hot stews cooked over an open flame with large loaves of bread. It can be done vegan or gluten friendly."

Things to Keep in Mind

Due to the pandemic, all tickets will be purchased in groups of six (6). You come with your bubble and leave with your bubble.

You are not allowed to touch any of the actors or behave in a threatening or intimidating manner. That said, if you feel frightened, the safe word is "Oklahoma." Always stay on the light path as there may be bugs, holes, forest creatures, and fallen trees in the surrounding area.

You should dress appropriately for the adventure, too. Pretend you're going on a muddy hike that just happens to have orcs roaming around the trail. 

 Photo: The Empty ChestPhoto: The Empty Chest

The Empty Chest Haunted Adventure 

When: Oct. 30 - Nov. 1. VIP: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. | Regular: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Where: 31515 Harris Road, Abbotsford

Cost: $240 for a group of 6 regulars ($40 per person) or $250 per person for VIP 

For more information, visit here.

Feel like being a part of this incredible fantasy world? The Empty Chest needs around 60 volunteer haunters to bring the experience to life. If you have any availability during the adventure dates and are interested in being a part of the fun, find out more information here.