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This haunting psychological thriller was shot on a B.C. island

The film is about a photojournalist whose future is revealed to him through the images he shoots.
Photo courtesy of Jon Silverberg

Shot primarily along the lush, forested coastline of Vancouver Island, a new psychological thriller offers a haunting perspective of British Columbia's remote island regions. 

WOODLAND stars Richard Harmon (CW’s THE 100), a photojournalist whose future is revealed to him through the images he shoots. Set in 1989, photojournalist Jake is out-of- work and struggling with addiction when he takes a job as watchman of a wilderness lodge on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, alongside veteran handyman, Sparky. Jake sets up a darkroom to develop his photographs, which begin to expose disturbing premonitions of their future. 

Written and directed by Jon Silverberg, WOODLAND features an ensemble cast including Richard Harmon (‘Jake’), Amanda Tapping (‘Donna’), Frank C. Turner (‘Kohler’), Philip Granger (‘Sparky’), and Catherine Jack (‘Anna’). 

WOODLAND was produced by filmmaker Jon Silverberg, Andy Hodgson, and Dale Wolfe. 

Filmmaker Jon Silverberg tells Vancouver Is Awesome in a phone call that he started writing WOODLAND six years ago. However,  filming didn't start until February 2017. In total, it took a mere 12 days to film, but he says crew weren't working around the clock.

"We were putting in standard 12-hour days," explains Silverberg. "We just had to have everything ready to go."

As an independent filmmaker, Silverberg is all-to-familiar with utilizing time and resources, as well as being creative under pressure. In fact, he broke his ankle on day four of the jam-packed, 12 day shoot, which meant that he had to adapt to a new way of directing. Despite being less mobile, he says the injury allowed him to hone in on his other capacities. 

“I’m incredibly proud to share my horror/thriller fever dream and labor of love that is WOODLAND – brought to life with explosive and achingly beautiful performances from both leads, Richard Harmon and Philip Granger,” he adds. 

“Richard Harmon, as both star and Executive Producer on the film, was such a dedicated and supportive collaborator. On behalf of the entire cast and crew, I’m thrilled to be working with MPX and the team at Freestyle to bring the film to audiences on so many platforms.” 

Silverberg notes that 11 of 12 days were filmed in the North Vancouver Island area (Port McNeill / Port Hardy), standing in for Haida Gwaii. A few scenes were also shot in Vancouver on day 12.

WOODLAND was screened at Whistler Film Fest, and was nominated for eight Leo Awards in 2019, including Best Motion Picture. 

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired North American rights to the film. It is now available to rent and own on DVD and North American digital HD internet, cable, iTunes, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media.

Have a look at the trailer. 

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