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Here's what it's like inside the new 'Imagine Picasso' exhibit in Vancouver (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Step inside the life and work of the renowned artist

A new immersive art exhibit called "Imagine Picasso" is now open in Vancouver. The ticketed show features hundreds of images showcasing the work of Pablo Picasso, and runs through Jan. 8, 2022 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

As is the increasingly popular new trend, "Imagine Picasso" invites us to step inside the artist's life by moving about a room filled with screens upon which the artwork is projected. The layout for Picasso plays on the artist's use of unexpected shapes, with angled islands of screens in the gallery room creating a few paths on which to wander and all sorts of close encounters with pieces of art shown on the screen.

Before heading into the main gallery, however, guests first can read about Picasso's life story and the various periods of his work, as well as his childhood, his love of poetry, and his philosophy about art. You'll also be able to see a full layout wall showing all of the various works of art that are deployed in the immersive show - it's like stepping into the pages of a book or museum exhibit guide.

The lively immersive projection fills the space and offers so much to see and experience. At times the whole room is awash in a single pattern, while other times multiple pieces of art can be seen a different times. Vertical images can tower above, people captured in portraits can appear to be peeking in from the highest reaches of the room, or striking details are made visible in epic scale all around you. 

The exhibit offers timed ticketing, which means you can enjoy the experience without feeling too crowded. At times you may be part of a grouping of people in any given area, whereas there are definitely moments you can have some space to yourself. 

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Whether you are a longtime fan of Picasso or simply curious about his life and work, the show is a wonderful experience that takes the enjoyment of art to a whole new level.

Imagine Picasso - Vancouver

When: Now through Jan. 8, 2022

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre East - Canada Place, Vancouver

Tickets: Timed entry. Guests 12+ must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Purchase online.