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Internationally renowned artist exhibition opens in Vancouver sushi restaurant

When you pair the sushi spot's handrolls with her handiwork, take note: the previously right-handed artist has curiously just started to use her left
Alexandra Aristera print
Celebrated for her work in London and Paris in the fashion and design industry, Alexandra Aristera has moved to Vancouver to continue her artistry in print work

An artist celebrated for her work in the fashion and design industry is putting on a brand new art exhibit inside one of Vancouver’s newest sushi joints.

Born in Montreal, Alexandra Aristera studied design and fashion in London and Paris. Through that work, she was often flown out to Vancouver by well-known luxury brands. Having enjoyed the city so much she has recently moved here and has immediately set to work showing off her work.

Aristera’s print art exhibition, titled 'The Dance of Joy' and 'Symphony,' opens on Thursday, June 10 and will run until August 10, at Hello Nori on Robson. Aristera says the exhibition embodies the cultures and places that she has experienced throughout her life through a collection of five Sumi ink paintings on rice paper.

"The modern décor of Hello Nori, along with the delicious cultural experience of the hand rolls, is in perfect symmetry to my work," says Aristera in a media release. 

Nine months ago Aristera embarked on a personal artistic renaissance when she started using what she was made to believe was the wrong hand to write and draw with.

"I didn't use my left hand because it was frowned upon to do so," she says, adding that now she has made the switch she believes she has unlocked numerous hidden abilities which add to her creativity. 

"When I switched over to my left hand, it allowed my brain to work more naturally with my DNA, and I have unveiled creativity beyond me. I truly feel that I have found my true self," she said.

Alexandra intends to leverage her company, Aristera Design, to encourage more people and society to embrace the uniqueness of left-handedness and explore their true potential.