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#InTheVillage on False Creek Part 19: FREE family event to kick off London 2012

Welcome to In The Village on False Creek , a unique project inspired by Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining .

The Village on False Creek Welcome to In The Village on False Creek, a unique project inspired by Live@YVR and 365 Days of Dining. I've moved my family into this community with my mission being to showcase the myriad of things that make it awesome by bringing you a weekly scoop!

I haven't done a post on it yet, but are you familiar with the Salt Building? It's that historical barn-looking structure which sits right in the middle of the Village, South of the huge sparrows. It has a super awesome story behind it and I promise to bring you into it at a later juncture.

If I was in charge, the City would have transformed the Salt Building into a massive, gaudy shrine to the 2010 Olympics. Wax reproductions of all our athletes who brought home medals would line the West wall, and the opposing East wall would be filled with flatscreen TVs projecting the moments that they won. In the middle would be wax versions of Shane Koyczan and William Shatner holding hands (symbolizing the best moment of the opening ceremony and arguably the worst of the closing ceremony) and surrounding them would be all sorts of artifacts from the games, ranging from a pile of red mittens to bucketful of lanyards to all of the different Houses (remember all the free shows at Ontario House? I saw Broken Social Scene there... for free!). The employees who would manage the place would be dressed in Quatchi, Miga, Sumi and Muk Muk's mascot uniforms, and, and, and...

Well, it's probably a good thing I'm not in charge. Because I'd have something similar celebrating and remembering Expo 86 installed over at Science World (perhaps the entire ground floor of the place), and you'd never be able to get away from the history of awesome large scale events that have transformed our city.

Balance is nice though, and the folks over at Creekside Community Centre do a great job of bringing our attention to the Olympics without having Quatchi greet you in the foyer. This coming Saturday they're putting on this free family event celebrating the kick-off of London 2012, and you should consider coming down for it. More info HERE!

Learn more at and stay tuned each week as I expose other unique qualities of our new community.